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[ウェビナー] Overviews of Japanese Recycling Regulations – What do you need to know if your business in Japan uses containers and packaging?

We are happy to announce that Araki International IP&Law will host a webinar “Overview of Recycling Regulations in Japan – What Businesses Using Containers and Packaging” on February 8, Thursday. Our attorney Akiko Araki will speak about Japanese recycling regulations which are important for businesses running business in Japanese market.

Zoom webinar
We will distribute the zoom link to attendees in advance


・What are subject matters of the regulations – What is the meaning of “specified containers and packaging”?
・Scope of the business – Is your company subject to the regulations?
・Details of the recycling obligations under the Recycling Act
・Additional identification mark requirement under the Resource Utilization Act

For the details and the registration, please visit the link below (the registration is free):

東京都千代田区丸の内3丁目3-1 新東京ビル2階254区