Araki International handles a wide range of transactions and dispute resolutions in the field of intellectual property including patents, copyrights, trademarks, designs, and unfair competition prevention. In the area of patents, we support clients in global portfolio licensing and parallel international litigations in various jurisdictions by utilizing our network of domestic and international experts. With respect to global portfolio licensing, we have experience in handling matters related to Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) in the telecommunication space. The firm is also expanding its legal services into new technology areas such as AI and IoT, and handles data related transactions, which are currently on the rise. In the technology field, we support companies in areas such as joint research and development, systems and software development, and open source related matters. In these areas, especially with respect to cutting-edge technologies involving new legal issues, we aim to find the best solutions based on in-depth research as well as discussions with our clients.

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